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Business Ethics Training - NCA Associates Professional Boundaries Training Program

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Professional Boundaries Training Programs

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With its focus on setting and maintaining professional boundaries, NCA Associates’ in-house and on-line training routinely meet workplace and regulatory authorities’ requirements for professional development, continuing education units and self-directed learning programs. 

In addition, customized versions of the program are utilized for remediation purposes.

Attendees cover the broad spectrum of health care and education such as nursing, physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social worker and teachers as example. To view a full list of professional and industry participants click here.

Seminar Overview

With a focus on heightening awareness and understanding of professional boundaries and highly interactive both in webinar and in-house formats, content includes the following;
  • Professional boundaries: What are they & why are they important
  • The power imbalance
  • Maintaining trust & public confidence
  • Slippery slope scenarios
  • Tips & tools: Red flags & decision-making frameworks for resolving ethical & boundary issues

In-House Seminars

For organizations who prefer maximum interaction. Offered in-house, seminars are customized to meet your specific needs.

Contact Claudia for further information about the training seminars by email at or phone at 613.299.2783


Prefer to be the only organization on-line, provide more interaction time for your staff and be cost-efficient.  Webinars on setting and maintaining professional boundaries can be customized to meet your specific organizational needs. 

Open for public registration, our webinar series offers you the opportunity to enhance your learning while at your desk! Offered as a four part series and in blocks of one hour each, you choose whether you wish to attend one or more. Please note as an organization, you can have multiple participants for one registration fee.

Click here for the list of our upcoming webinars.


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