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Attendee Testimonials: Professional Boundaries Training Program

Attendee Testimonials: Too Close for Comfort©: Boundary issues in the Professional/Client Relationship

Taking theory to practice, attendees find this seminar highly practical and relevant to their day-to-day work with the information, tips & tools presented easily applied.

  • "Very effective presenter & very knowledgeable on the topic"
  • "Very safe environment to discuss issues openly"
  • "Good real life examples to illustrate the material"
  • "Very engaging and kept us on track and focussed"
  • "Would recommend to all workers especially those coming into the field"
  • "This should be a presentation in Colleges and Universities of the professions"
  • "Good listener, communicates well & is respectful of all opinions"
  • "Well presented – good pace, exercises on scenarios were relevant and interesting"
  • "Awesome, held my attention all day"
  • "Lots of group discussion kept the workshop flowing and interesting"
  • "Clear, concise, practical"
  • "It made me evaluate my actions & motives for them. It enhanced my awareness."
  • "It was very helpful and interesting to see how in depth we must look at our actions – this workshop made me see things from a different perspective"
  • "All information was relevant and on issues the organization is presently addressing"
  • "Discussion of organizational measures, i.e., policy, etc – very practical, hands on info"
  • "Enjoyed your style, it was quick & easy to follow"
  • "Seemed to recognize when we were having problems with a concept & rephrase"
  • "Excellent workshop. It really opened my eyes to small day to day actions that affect my relationship and boundaries with clients"
  • "This was one of the best workshops I’ve been to"
  • "Leadership and culture is critical to setting boundaries"
  • "Appreciated heightened awareness, especially re: dual relationships and power differential"
  • "Information/issues were pertinent to our practice. Clarified some of the foggy issues"
  • "I have attended a leading edge seminar on this topic - I learned more here"
  • "Well organized, to the point, not afraid to tackle tough questions, well prepared"
  • "A very effective, useful, practical presentation"
  • "An excellent opportunity to pause, reflect and check my practice"

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