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Professional Boundaries Training Seminars

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Seminars are offered in-person and through on-line training. In-house seminars and webinars may be presented as is or customized to meet your organization's specific needs. We will be pleased to discuss any additional topics of interest.

Too Close for Comfort™: Boundary Issues in the Professional/Client Relationship©

Ethical Dilemmas with our clients are not always obvious. This highly interactive workshop looks at real life situations while heightening our ethical awareness. With this day's preventative focus, the workshop concludes with practical steps for participants to consider when faced with an ethical issue.

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Too Close for Comfort™: Boundary Issues in the Teacher/Student Relationship

Adapted for school boards, this workshop mirrors the program outline for Too Close for Comfort™ with the language and examples appropriate to the education environment. This highly interactive workshop examines slippery slope professional behaviours. The behaviours that begin as innocent situations that appear harmless yet may lead to teacher/student boundaries crossed and harm caused, innocently or inadvertently. 

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A Culture of Ethical Excellence™: Maintaining the Public Trust©

This one day workshop provides a framework for assessing and/or developing a culture of ethical excellence. Participants explore the impact of losing the public trust and discuss the key drivers to organizational ethics performance. In addition, the business ethics workshop focuses on the components and application of a framework for ethical decision-making that can be applied to specific boundary issues as well as organizational decisions such as resource and programme allocation.

Within this risk management framework, participants apply the learning to their own organization and develop a plan of action to address one or more gaps or weaknesses, in addition to initial performance indicators.

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