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Professional Boundaries Quiz - NCA Associates
  Quiz: Are You at Risk for Professional Boundary Violations?

1. You accept a gift from your client/student. Yes No
2. Your client/student is upset and you give them a hug. Yes No
3. You buy your client/student a coffee or juice. Yes No
4. Your neighbour asks for, and you give them professional advice. Yes No
5. You tell your client/student a little bit about yourself. Yes No
6. You do a small favour for your client/student. Yes No
7. You develop a friendship with your client/student. Yes No
8. You have a dual relationship with your client/student. Yes No
Number of Yes
Number of No
9. Your organization’s policies are open to interpretation. Yes No
10. Your organization has a framework that is consistently applied to address boundaries that are crossed or pushed. Yes No
11. Your organization has an effective monitoring and control process for high risk ethical issues/areas. Yes No
12. Your organization has behavioural standards and mechanisms to address lapses or breaches both of which are consistently applied. Yes No
13. Your organizations acts with honesty, integrity and fairness in its dealings with staff. Yes No
14. Your organization addresses ethics and ethical issues in its orientation program. Yes No
15. Your organization addresses ethics and ethical issues in its selection process. Yes No
Number of Yes
Number of No

Questions 1 – 8. If you answered yes to two or more, the boundaries between you and your client or student may not be clearly defined. And therefore, there is potential risk of harm to your client or student. The in-house seminar or webinar series will assist with its preventative focus. View more information on professional boundaries training.

Questions 9 – 15. If you answered no to two or more, your organization may be at risk of losing the public trust and confidence. The seminar, A Culture of Ethical Excellence: Maintaining the Public Trust or NCA Associates consulting service may be of assistance.

Prevent Boundary Violations with Professional Boundary Training