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Too Close for Comfort™: Boundary Issues in the Professional / Client Relationship

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Full Day Professional Boundaries Training Seminar Program

Ethical Dilemmas with our clients are not always obvious. And potentially any issue can become a boundary violation. Have you ever given a client a hug? Bought a client a coffee? Done a favour for a client? Accepted a gift from a client? This highly interactive workshop looks at real life situations while heightening our ethical awareness. With this day’s preventative focus, the workshop concludes with practical steps for participants to consider when faced with an ethical issue.


The Professional Boundary Framework

  • Elements of the professional boundary framework
  • Understanding what it is there to promote
  • Understanding what it is there to prevent
  • The Power that We Have

  • Issues that we have with power
  • Understanding what gives us our power
  • Professional Boundaries Defined

  • Professional Boundaries – where they come into the relationship
  • Professional Boundary issues – what do they look like
  • Let’s Talk Professional Boundary Violations

  • Putting a “face” to boundary violations
  • Common characteristics of boundary violations
  • How professionals justify “crossing the line”
  • Key elements in a boundary violation
  • Prevention: Tips & Tools
  • Red Flags – recognize the cues
  • Service parameters – be clear with your client
  • Organizations – practical considerations
  • A checklist – questions to ask yourself
  • Contact us to further discuss our process and how to register your organization.

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