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Ethics Consulting Services

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Organizations ignore workplace ethics at their peril. A weak ethical corporate culture can lead to;

  • Increased rates of employee misconduct,
  • Decreased willingness of employees to seek assistance when needed,
  • Poor employee morale,
  • Poor service delivery,
  • Increased litigation,
  • Weakened competitive business advantage, inclusive of the ability to attract charitable donations,
  • Loss of business reputation.

Conversely, organizations that seek to avoid workplace conflict do so by;

  • Recognizing that ethics is good business
  • Nurturing a culture of ethical excellence and all of its key components,
  • Modeling professional ethical behaviour from the top, inclusive of the governance level,
  • Having the ethical courage to address issues appropriately as they arise,
  • Recognizing that a culture of organizational ethics excellence is an effective risk management tool.

With NCA Associates’ focus on protecting the public interest and maintaining the public trust, NCA Associates ethics consulting services can;

  • Assist your organization in assessing your culture of ethical excellence,
  • Assist in the development of a plan of action to address gaps or weaknesses,
  • Assist in the development of codes of ethics/conduct, and pertinent policy, procedures and practice standards,
  • Assist in the development of relevant monitoring and control systems and performance measurement indicators,
  • Assist in the design and implementation of workplace ethics committees.

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